iPhone Guided Tour

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  • Step 1

    Tap the iMediaShare app icon from your home screen. In just few seconds it discovers all your digital media stored on the phone, available on your home PC or retrieved from the internet, and makes it easily accessible to you.
  • Step 2

    All the content appears in specially curated categories of channels. You are just a tap away from hit movies, the latest video news, the greatest hits from your favorite band or your most recent photos.
  • Step 3

    Select a channel and your screen is fed with full list of videos, music or photos. Slide up and down or switch between categories at the bottom to quickly navigate to your choice.
  • Step 4

    But wait! Where is the best playback? iMediaShare automatically discovers all capable media players in your home. You have the option to watch via the Xbox in the living room or on the TV in the kitchen – or at a friend’s house!
    Just tap...
  • Step 5

    ...and in a moment you’ll be enjoying HD video on your big screen TV. Now iMediaShare turns your phone into an ultimate TV remote with gesture controls for volume and time position.